Nonequilibrium Dynamics 2017

A variety of phenomena in the physical and biological world involve the elements of environment and demography, search and competition, and relaxation and aging. Studies involving reaction-diffusion systems including predator-prey models, stochastic search and resetting and nonequilibrium relaxation have provided key insights into the behaviour of these systems. The aim of this two day workshop is to bring together scientists with interests in these diverse but connected fields.

Non Eq Poster

Invited speakers:

  1. Kavita Jain, JNCASR
  2. Shamik Gupta, RKMVU, Belur Math
  3. Dibyendu Das, IIT-Bombay
  4. Sagar Chakraborty, IIT-Kanpur
  5. Sitabhra Sinha, IMSc, Chennai
  6. Deepak Dhar, IISER, Pune
  7. Uwe Tauber. Virginia Tech., USA
  8. Sidney Redner, Santa Fe Institute, USA


  1. Mustansir Barma
  2. Prasad Perlekar